About Us

Here, I welcome every visitor of this site who arrived here with a moto set in mind to know about what being ambitious actually is

Well, Being Ambitious is an IELTS concerned personal blog which aims to distribute indispensable data in the form of article, pictures, gifs, and videos that solely focus on IELTS exam preparation. These days plenty of people dream to study abroad and for pursuing the same, they have to fulfill the requirements of IELTS for getting a student permit.
This blog major lays emphasis on academic IELTS which is a prominent factor for getting a study visa. Further, you will find various speaking, writing, reading, and listening guides on this blog that would be sufficient for introducing yourself with every bit about all of these four modules. Therefore, I post numerous posts on this blog that are totally based on IELTS related content for making the journey of IELTS aspirants on this path that goes towards IELTS easier.

Hence, on the behalf of being ambitious, I assure you that the material I post on www.beingambitious.com will definitely prove useful for you all.

Now, let me tell you about the management of this blog.
This blog is fully managed by me and if I tell you about myself then

My name is Rajwinder Kaur and I am a resident of Punjab, India. My recent qualification is Mba in finance and marketing. But, I consider myself a good writer with effective presentation skills, and when I found myself keenly interested in blogging, I left all that I did in past behind and initiated with a blog on blogger in January 2019. After some time I shifted to WordPress and I am continuing the same work right now.

At last, I would like to disclose about the resources from where I get ideas to write IELTS based articles. For that l, I must tell you that I took IELTS TEST in 2019 and scored 6.5 overall along with the same band in each module. However, accompanied by these bands I also gathered a ton of knowledge about the IELTS exam, its requirements, and variant patterns of writing. So, I thought of writing IELTS based articles so that my experience can help out other people seeking decent IELTS material and wish to appear in the next IELTS exams.
So, this was all about being ambitious and its author.